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Me and fire go way back — I was grounded around 5 when trying to start a campfire in our fort in the basement with charcoal.  I still remember my friend’s mom standing at the top of the steps with her nads hands on her hips screaming at us while we had lighted matches in our hands.  Nice, right?

I have a few friends who will appreciate this video.  I’ve never done anything with fire quite this dumb but…

Just remember, no names and dates please.  My parents still think I was an angel growing up (yeah, right).

Post Memorial Day Thoughts

Had a great weekend going to Sioux Falls and showing the family my sculptures at the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk.  More photos and details on my art blog. I still think it is a cool town.Plus we managed to outrace the storms following us home.  Sweet!

However, I’m dealing with two server crashes this morning.  It’s hardly fair.  It’s definitely kills a day to reinstall software and services.  Ish.

Some good news.  Here’s an interesting article about Richard Leakey and his thoughts on evolution and the evidence for it. As much evidence as there currently is for the theory, I seriously doubt those who believe otherwise will be persuaded.  Some people just aren’t interested in opening their minds to alternate possibilities.

Here’s a quote that also hits at the climate change deniers:

“If you look back, the thing that strikes you, if you’ve got any sensitivity, is that extinction is the most common phenomena,” Leakey says. “Extinction is always driven by environmental change. Environmental change is always driven by climate change. Man accelerated, if not created, planet change phenomena; I think we have to recognize that the future is by no means a very rosy one.”

 Let’s hope we can leave the planet in better shape for our kids and grandkids.


WTF is SoLoMo?

I got an email this morning for a conference in Colorado titled, “iMedia’s Agency Summit Tackles SoLoMo”.

I’ve been in the tech sector for a while now and have heard and used my fair share of jargon and tech lingo.  I specifically remember a conversation with a friend a few years ago where we spoke almost entirely in acronyms and jargon.  I realized anyone not familiar with the terms would have thought we were speaking a foreign language.  In a sense we were but ever since then I have tried to remain aware of techies propensity to spout out jargon.

What, you may ask, is SoLoMo?  Any guesses? Not a typo of Slo-M0.

Give up?

Social-Local-Mobile. An intersection of the three.

Where does it stop?  How about SoLoMoCo? Sounds like a drink from Starbucks but is Social-Local-Mobile-Commerce. 

There’s a nice rant to stop the insanity over on TechCrunch.


Standing While You Work

Came across this article from the NY Times about standing up while you work.  It’s a great idea.  I have been standing almost exclusively since I got my Ergotron device. No, its not a machine for global destruction.  Merely a way for me to work standing (or sitting). 

I feel better although by the end of the day my feet sometimes do hurt.  It feels weird to sit down now too. 

Highly recommended to get off your ass and move around while working.  I need to get some voice recognition software too so I can pace around and talk to computer.  All my office mates will think I’m totally crazy after that.

James Cameron is a real rock star

What an amazing man!  He makes incredible movies, dives to the Titanic and now dives to the deepest known spot in the oceans.  Stupendous!  He could sit around with his millions and spend it on stupid crap. But he’d rather push the limits of technology in film making and deep sea exploration. 

Kudos.  Keep it up James Cameron! Get this man into the Explorers Club. We should all aspire to such feats.

Check this story on MSNBC about his expedition.

Guilty Pleasure TV Viewing

I’m not one to watch trashy TV.  I hate all of the Real Housewives…, the Bachelor, etc.


I love Hoarders! 

There. I admitted it.

I’m not a neat freak and can live with a certain amount of disorganization (My desk being Exhibit A).  My wife does an awesome of keeping the mess the kids and I create, but overall it’s not a huge deal.

Ever watch an episode of Hoarders?  Scary.  I feel for these people who destroy their homes with garbage.  Trash, cat crap, dead rats, rotten food, full adult diapers (yes, I mean the number 2) and more are piled to the ceilings in these homes.

The scariest thing is when they get a team of people in to help them remove all the trash and they freeze. They can’t throw anything away.  The hoarder will latch on to the craziest things, broken things, and won’t get rid of it.  The families are all at their wits ends and are ready to let the state deal with it. 

Some of them can work through it but some can’t.  The before and after can be encouraging. Or not.

I know it is a mental illness, but wow.  How do these people even have enough money to eat after buying all the crap?

Guess I get to watch them and count my lucky stars.

So, what else?  American Pickers (Iowa antiques guys buy old crap around the country to resell) and Storage Wars (California antiques guys buy old crap from abandoned storage lockers to resell).

Is there a theme going on here?

I’m in the mood to get rid of all our old crap — we make regular trips to Goodwill and donate anything we don’t want.  Except for my desk we’re uncluttered.

What’s your guilty please TV?

Girl with the dragon tattoo

OK, I was skeptical about this book and the series.  But it’s good.  Definitely appealing to a computer/web geek.  Tossing out OSes, Web stuff, IPs and the like.  Nice.

It’s not even close to the type of book I usually read (history, sci-fi, fantasy, technology). But it held my interest.

Rape scenes. Not so nice.  I won’t be recommending this book to my kids any time soon.

I have the other two books on request at the library as well as the Swedish movies on DVD.  I’m going to be all set for Fincher’s upcoming foray into darkness. Skôl.

Right, and I stayed up all night on Monday reading it.  Literally.  I couldn’t sleep so I laid on the couch with a headlamp and read all but the last 50 pages from 1am to 6am.  Seriously messed up that was.

Thanksgiving (that which makes clients come running)

I thought for sure my head was going to explode this week (and it’s only Wednesday) from all the client requests.  Guess I’m not the only one trying not to work the rest of the week and enjoy my family.

Invariably there is something that happens around a holiday, or worse, vacation. 

One trip out West was interrupted for some problem-solving via iPhone while talking with someone on the same iPhone (plug for AT&T here).  I walked him through how to use Remote Desktop to update a file. He’d read the code, I’d tell hi what to change.  Memorable!

Despite all that, the holidays and time off are important.  It’s a needed break from reality and time to recharge the batteries.

So, sign off for a few days. Eat some turkey. Watch some football.  Take a walk. Eat pumpkin pie and have a drink.